BlueID Security

BlueID lets you take your authorization management to a new level of guaranteed security on your users’ mobile devices. A highly complex asymmetrical certificate process based on a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) creates robust identities and continually protects the trustworthiness of your authorizations.

PKI is used where communication and authorization between a constantly rising number of users, devices and objects shall be managed in a scalable and secure manner.

BlueID is maintained and continuously improved by trusted computing specialists to secure the highest level of security and the best comfort at all times. BlueID – a solution that makes security scalable.


BlueID platform


The Public Key Infrastructure of BlueID provides protection through:
// Encryption with up to 4.096 Bit
// Use of the industry standards RSA and AES
// Root CA (Certification Authority) in the Trust Center


The integrity of each permission is traceable and autonomously verifiable at all times through encryption with certificates. BlueID uses the best-in-class:
// Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA)
// Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC)


BlueID continuously releases updates for all supported smartphone platforms and upgrades to work with future wireless standards. It is always available in the newest version and offers the utmost convenience of digital access control.