Our Products

BlueID Cloud

BlueID ensures the highest availability of services and scalability through a SaaS model from the cloud. Find out more about our facility solutions, mobile apps and hardware integration!

Hardware Catalogue

BlueID is manufacturer independent and offers a wide portfolio of BlueID-enabled locks to choose from. Find the right one for you in our Hardware Catalogue!

BlueID Embedded SDKs

BlueID offers Embedded SDKs for a seamless integration of BlueID functionalities into your hardware. Find out more about our SDKs for C and for iOS and Android apps!

BlueID is a patented cloud & software product that turns smartphones into keys. With a profound expertise in the automotive and IoT industries, BlueID is lean enough to fit in every IoT product without interfering with the business logic.

It brings PKI-Security to one single Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) solution for all access control use cases. It ensures 100% availability because it works offline, guarantees best-in-class robustness through OTA tokenization and BLE & NFC standards, and offers Libraries for integration into any app or service.

In the automotive industry, BlueID helps service providers with the BlueID Drive. In the facility market, BlueID serves system integrators and service providers with BlueID ACCESS and with a broad BlueID-enabled product portfolio, while offering embedded products to lock manufacturers.