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BlueID ensures the highest availability of services and scalability through a SaaS model from the cloud. Find out more about our facility solutions and mobile apps for system integrators and solution providers!

Hardware Catalogue

BlueID is manufacturer independent and offers a wide portfolio of BlueID-enabled locks and wall readers. If you are a solution provider or system integrator, find the right one for you in our catalogue!

Embedded Products

BlueID offers a variety of Embedded Products for a seamless integration of BlueID functionalities into your lock and/or wall reader. Find out more about our Ready2Go Implementations and professional services!

How to Integrate?

You are a Hardware manufacturer:

BlueID cloud facility

  • Locks & Wall readers with BLE / NFC:

BlueID solution is hardware-independent. Its firmware is integrated into a number of BLE chip families, including Nordic, Silicon Labs, and TI. Integration in other BLE chips is straight-forward using the BlueID Embedded SDK.


You are a Solution Provider / System Integrator utilizing mobile keys:

BlueID cloud facility

  • End User App:

The BlueID Keys App manages all of the complexity of BlueID secure mobile key solution. It can either have a BlueID branding or may be customized according to your or your customers’ branding. BlueID’s functionality can also be easily integrated into your or your customers’ existing app using the BlueID SDK for iOS / Android.

  • System Integrator Backend:

The BlueID Trusted Services can be easily integrated into your management system using a straight-forward REST API, thus facilitating communication to the permission management system, process business software, facility management software and much more.