Deliver the most user convenient experience by empowering your customers to use their own smart device to securely open parking barriers while you save money on ticket machines and their maintenance.

BlueID enables smartphones and other smart devices to automatically open all kinds of off-street parking systems and optionally to securely identify the client at the cash terminal for payment. Our smartphone based parking system is ticketless, ultra fast, user centric, does not need connected barriers or gates, provides local communication and runs securely on any smartphone, any app and any access hardware.

Turn your customers’ smartphones into robust and secure central openers for multiple sites and their system of barriers, gates and any other objects you wish for the users to have access to. Let BlueID unlock the door to your success with happy customers and saved money.


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Our software technology enables parking system manufacturers to quickly enhace their systems with easy offline communication via NFC or Bluetooth Smart between barriers, gates or pollars and smart devices. Users get securely identified by their mobile device and get authorized by digital tickets indicating date, time, duration and site. The BlueID device identity is strongly secured and can get used for payment at cash terminals as well.

BlueID simply integrates with your existing PMS via a standard REST interface. Changes in iOS or Android won’t bother you anymore as we will immediately provide you with well tested software updates for apps and barriers. Logging data from isolated barriers will get transported back to your management system via BlueID secured user smartphones. BlueID provides standard SDK’s for any smartphone which can get easily integrated in any existing app. In that way multiple different apps can get connected to your PMS in one and the same way.




Parking operators can now upgrade their own apps and management systems with smartphone-based access control for your known subscribers or to replace paper tickets for your core pay&go business. BlueID offers a neutral software platform to integrate and control diverse objects and vendors in the same way via your app and central management system.  Third party parking providers’ apps and services can be effortlessly integrated in addition to your parking management system to intensify mobile marketing and pre-booking of available parking spaces.

Single barriers or gates not connected to a professional Parking Management System can be easily upgraded with a BlueID enabled aftermarket hardware solution.

Multi-site parking operators

Running your own multiple parking garages or managing third party garages as a service means dealing with many different manufacturers and systems deployed. Some barriers might be connected online locally or centrally while others are offline. Multiple park management systems historically deployed need to get centrally maintained.

The BlueID software technology is independent and flexible, can be integrated into any existing app and in any parking system. It assimilates a fragmented landscape for universal smartphone based access control.

Airport parking

Business travelers enjoy every free minute they can get before their flight after dropping the car at the parking lot. BlueID contributes to this time save because it offers them the possibility to open parking barriers via the airport smartphone app instead of pulling a paper ticket or inserting their credit cards for registration purposes. The app can steer the driver to the next free space closest to the departure gate. Additionally, the ultra fast BlueID process supports high-frequency barriers especially during the morning rush hours at the airport. Our offline local communication can be adjusted to a few centimeters emulating NFC distances at the barrier to avoid mistakes when multiple drivers try to enter a lane in a multiple barrier location at the same time.

Corporate Campus Parking

Innovative corporations offer their employees, guests and suppliers instant mobile access to their parking sites. Whether you are a hospitality site, shopping center or larger business campus, mobile parking reduces cost at the reception desk, makes the key and process management super easy and creates an innovative spirit in the era of the mobile wave. Capacity management can be quickly optimized with the real-time data. Currently unused parking places can get instantly allocated to other users for a specific period of time. You generate additional revenue by leasing the unused parking places to young parking directory apps which share those spots within their user community and provide full service clearing.

Logistic gate operators

Companies with a 24/7 turnaround of goods at their logistic gates are looking for real-time based, cost effective but secure solution to allow anytime access and delivery with less manpower.  The vast availability of smartphones on the one hand and in-vehicle telematic solutions on the other provide a perfect platform for just-in-time access control and key distribution.

BlueID provides proven software technology that integrates with any smart mobile device and any online/offline gate or barrier technology in your environment. A standard REST interface allows to simply connect BlueID to your ERP system to send dedicated time slots and access permissions for a certain logistic point to a specified driver. Pairing smart mobile devices with each of your gates is not necessary. Drivers get securely identified and authorized by their smart mobile devices. Your assets receive top protection through BlueID’s patented technology which makes individual access permissions hacking economically impossible.

P2P Parking

Peer-to-peer based parking schemes are gaining popularity in urban centers, where commercial parking reaches its limit. Short term letting of private parking spaces an be arranged via smartphone app. When a roller door or gate separates the parking place from the street, BlueID enables the convenient opening via smartphone app.  A BlueID enabled aftermarket solution robustly controls any entry system via smartphone.

App Parking Providers

It is very easy for the BlueID enabled objects to connect with third party apps. BlueID provides a consistentuser identification and authorization independent of system manufacturers. Any kind of barrier or gate can get integrated in one and the same way. The central secure cloud system of BlueID can enable multiple apps to grant access at a certain site. As soon as the owner of a site has empowered an app provider to access his site, BlueID will enable the integration of this app provider with a few clicks and a dedicated mobile SDK.