We by Volkswagen Deliver

12. December 2017

Volkswagen (Automotive OEM) & Worldwide Logistics Company, Germany

We by Volkswagen Deliver“ is a service that enables package deliveries to the trunk of a car. In a first phase, participants can order from online shops such as Amazon, AllyouneedFresh, Fashion ID, Alternate, Music Store, Outfittery, etc… . The delivery of the respective packages will be processed by DHL, the exclusive cooperation partner of Volkswagen.

The registration process requires personal data along with the car details and results in the issuance of a specific Car ID. This Car ID is mentioned while finalizing the order process and while choosing the appropriate delivery method. The DHL parcel service will, on the day of delivery, travel to the address within a pre-defined 2-hour window and track the car exactly over the GPS position.

BlueID provides the basis for the technical solution that allows keyless boot opening. On the day of delivery, the DHL parcel delivery service will be able to open a trunk once for each delivery via its smartphone device. Subsequently, the DHL delivery agent confirms the successful delivery and trunk closure, a process that will be visible online in real time as well. The DHL parcel delivery service only receives a limited-in-time, one-time token/permission, hence cannot open the car until the next delivery is scheduled. This way, Volkswagen can assure highest security levels and always knows exactly who, when and how long a trunk was opened in order to deliver the packages.

From a business perspective, this project renders the delivery process itself more flexible and allows the delivery company to improve their delivery journeys and complete deliveries with a much higher success rate.

BlueID’s cloud based Identity-as-a-Service technology allows highly secure distribution of access permissions onto almost any smartphone available (iOS and Android). The process is designed to work offline via the smartphones Bluetooth interface and hence eliminates the risk of missing network connectivity (e.g. on the countryside or in underground parking lots). Delivering goods into a car’s trunk is also considered more secure than leaving the package on the neighbor’s doorstep.