Sensorberg looks to BlueID cloud solution for digital access control

13. June 2019
Smartphone Schlüssel Bbund Sensorberg BlueIS Cloud-Lösung



Sensorberg – a Proptech company which specialises in hardware and software for the digitalisation and automation of buildings and is now integrating BlueID.



Berlin, Germany



Not only does the digitalisation of buildings and digitally controllable access thereof increase efficiency in operations and user satisfaction, but also new privacy laws require the sensitive handling of data. In order to enable digitally controlled access, Sensorberg installs so-called “access hubs” in the respective buildings – special contact and connection points that are linked to entrance and office doors. The smartphone sends the signal to open a door and the system verifies the authorisation, giving the command to open up. As areas of application and doors in office buildings and co-corking spaces generally differ greatly from one another, a variety of different compatible lock cylinders and door handles are in use. The kind of cylinder in particular plays a decisive role when developing the right solution for digital building management. In addition to mechanical cylinders, which Sensorberg has predominantly been working with so far, the Proptech company has expanded its product range and therefore also the range of possible applications by adding the capability (provided by BlueID) to wirelessly and digitally control lock cylinders.

Sensorberg CEO Michael von Roeder said, “We are constantly working on further developing our hardware and software by means of system integration, amongst other things. In terms of digital authorisation management, BlueID offers a very efficient solution with which we can once again increase the range of possible uses of our product. In doing so, it was paramount for us that BlueID’s security standards were just as high as ours. The mobile authentication of users is completely encrypted and securely opening doors via your smartphone thus doesn’t just work when your smartphone is online. Should an internet connection not be available, access is also possible offline – both by phone and via a special access card.”

BlueID CEO Philipp Spangenberg added, “Operators of co-working spaces in particular are currently working on scaling their businesses across many sites. A combination of our cloud-based access control and the services provided by Sensorberg is the ideal solution to equip new sites with local IT infrastructures using as little effort as possible and simultaneously having the highest possible security standards.”

Berlin-based co-working space providers St. Oberholz and Unicorn are the first customers for whom Sensorberg is using BlueID components.


Why BlueID?

BlueID offers a simple and highly secure solution for the control and management of access and usage authorisation. With BlueID ACCESS®, property owners and operators of co-working spaces, for instance, can issue users and service providers – such as cleaning companies – extremely efficient access authorisation for buildings and individual rooms. Approved persons can authenticate themselves via their smartphone, which effectively becomes a digital key.