Private university in one of Europe’s capital cities

22. February 2018

BlueID GmbH has worked together with an independent, private university in one of Europe’s capital cities that offers an innovative, educational approach to its close to 9000 students in Economics/Finance, Business/ManagementLaw and Political Science.


The University decided to offer its students, , and other stakeholders mobile smartphone access to its rooms, halls, study rooms, auditoriums and dormitories (next to a standard card based access solution). An initial pilot program started with a limited number of rooms in one single university building at the beginning of 2017. Due to the encouraging initial test results, the University quickly decided to go live with the solution on a larger scale and extended the service to many rooms in multiple buildings.


Due to the fact that it is set up as a centralized cloud-based service, further extensions and scaling of the solution has become very straightforward. Additional locks can be added to an already running solution and mobile offline access is provided without lengthy implementation and adaptation periods. RFID cards or dongles can form a backup solution only in the case where smartphones are not available.


BlueID GmbH realized the project together with two of its universal platform partners who contributed the Bluetooth-ready HW for diverse type of locks (completely secured by BlueID firmware) and provided the smartphone based customer management application. The ecosystem for mobile access solutions can be quite complex with various levels of expertise needed in order to deliver a project timely and on budget. BlueID has formed close partnerships in facility management and combined this expertise on its universal access platform in order to provide customized solutions to various business requirements.