Pinestack, the integrative smart building OS, chooses BlueID as the access control partner

3. February 2022
Pinestack chooses BlueID

Munich/Bamberg, February 03, 2022 – Pinestack is an established integrative smart building operating system. By bringing together all needs in a single platform, it turns any property into a smart building and mere functions into a customer journey. To deliver an access control system that matches the simplicity, integration and usability of its core, Pinestack has integrated BlueID.


With data-driven building management apps and dashboards, the platform transforms otherwise cost-drivers into service providers. It gets the ESG framework off the drawing board and integrates it into real buildings by increasing user productivity, wellbeing, efficiency and sustainability.

Pinestack’s mission is clear: to be an enabler. And in order to live up its mission and enable both property owners and users, it has developed a product called “Worxpace”, a digital twin of any new and existing property. It supports IoT processes on three pillars: 1) Analytics for a sustainable management and wellbeing of the user 2) Mobile Apps for a productive everyday life and fast communication, and 3) Integration of individual interfaces and provision of all data via API.

Already in use in various buildings such as the SmartScore award-winning Hammerbrooklyn.Digital Pavillion, it has a modular, out-of-the-box design that can be extended with various functions such as access control, community networking, and navigation.

“At Pinestack, we use data to turn properties into learning objects. It goes way beyond being a “supplier of smart building functions”: we create a real customer journey to users and enable a sustainable property management to building owners. And that only works by integrating the best-in-class smart building solutions. That is why we trust BlueID as our access control solution.” says Wilfried Hauck, CEO of Pinestack. “BlueID offers exactly the mix of technology, usability and security we want to provide our customers. And not to mention the ease of integration and interoperability with other systems, which is a must in our platform” he adds.

“Pinestack translates what BlueID stands for in the real estate industry: technology as an enabler. We believe that the simplicity, integration and usability of Pinestack’s product match perfectly that of BlueID and we are excited to be part of a platform that sets standards in the smart building industry“, so BlueID CEO, Philipp P. Spangenberg.


About Pinestack

We are a Proptech startup headquartered in Bamberg, Germany. The goal is to digitize the real estate industry by bringing together stand-alone solutions in a holistic software for building management, analysis and optimization. The benefits: a) Increased efficiency through new insights and optimization possibilities in the field of building operation, b) Increased revenue by providing app services to customers and partners. For more information, please visit:

About BlueID

BlueID ACCESS® is a cloud-based access control solution with digital keys, which Proptech and Asset Owners integrate into their products and buildings. Extensive APIs and SDKs guarantee an easy integration into backends and apps, while the highly reliable, offline-capable lock hardware portfolio can equip any application. For more information, please visit:

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