We are proud to introduce the new BlueID Lock Admin App – more user independence and comfort

14. July 2020

Update Uhlmann & Zacher and Südmetall locks on the fly.

Report lock data directly to the ACCESS® User Interface.

See all relevant lock information in a single screen.


The new BlueID Lock Admin ensures maximum effectiveness through user-friendly screens and a one-of-a-kind maintenance mode.

Tenants can easily use the App to collect and send lock data to the ACCESS® User Interface, such as battery status, firmware and hardware versions. Besides, they benefit from more user independence and can update and install locks, change batteries and collect logs with the maintenance screen.

How to get the App:

You will be able to get the new App here or by searching for BlueID Lock Admin in the App Store*. If you have previously installed and used the Lock Installation App, please uninstall it and install the BlueID Lock Admin in return.

* Please note that this App is for iOS only.