Kindergarten Villa Papillon gets secure parent only access

20. November 2016


Villa Papillon – a bilingual kindergarten in Berlin. The location is a 500 sqm stand-alone villa, built in 1920, with a 2,900 sqm garden. Villa Papillon will welcome 80 toddlers at the beginning of 2017.


Berlin, Germany


Papillon talked to parents and police experts regarding security. They learnt that access to the premises in the wrong hands is the main security/safety concern. Papillon was keen to have an access control system that enables the operator to give access and withdraw access to the premises on a daily basis. Furthermore it was important for Papillon to find a robust solution at optimal costs. It was immediately clear that the traditional physical keys are not the right access solution neither to the premises nor to the building. Lost keys pose a security risk, additionally leading to enormous costs for replacing in this case approx. 250 keys when one gets lost. And an event of a key loss happens more than once per year.

Why BlueID?

Papillon provides approx. 250 access rights to parents, grandparents, baby sitters etc. Their utmost priority is to keep the toddlers safe and the first step is to make sure that only the authorized people have access to the premise. BlueID allows Papillon to introduce secure smartphone based keys, to swiftly manage and renew access rights in the background. Furthermore the operator does not have to carry out any more administrative efforts. Everyone carries a smartphone nowadays and the parents are really enjoying having this fast easy key on their phone always beside them. No more fumbling in the pockets to find the keys while holding your toddlers and their toys in the other hand. No more PIN codes for door keypads being sent via email and ending up in the wrong hands.

“BlueID really makes our life simpler. The technology greatly contributes to make Villa Papillon a safe place to be for our children. We just want to make sure we don’t have any unwanted persons. BlueID helps while at the same time saving us administrative and resource costs. Blue ID is now the access control standard for all future kindergarten projects we plan to realize in the coming years.” says Martin Boehme, founder and CEO of Papillon Kindertagesstätten.