EMKA and baimos technologies enable access for remote sites

16. June 2015
BlueID for EMKA

IFSEC 2015: EMKA and baimos technologies provide next generation access control for outdoor remote sites used by network operators.

Telco network operators have several hundred thousand street cabinets and antenna sites to ensure that their broadband network infrastructure keeps up with the growing demand for high- speed data access. These cabinets and sites are spread across all cities and are typically outdoor based. For those in particular, their robust locking systems must be able to cope with vandalism, extreme weather conditions and complex access control management for a variety of subcontractors.

EMKA Beschlagteile is a leading well-known provider of such specialized locking systems fulfilling the requirements of resistance class II (RC2). In cooperation with baimos technologies EMKA has built the next generation access control system for such outdoor remote sites – ready for the mobile wave.

“BlueID provides a robust software-platform well proven in many other sectors like the automotive industry which could get easily integrated into our electronic locking system. The quality standards in security, response time and availability of digital keys perfectly fit the requirements of network operators” says Martin Grunert, Head of EMKA Electronics. “We are very happy that BlueID supports us to bring digital access control of the telco network infrastructure to the next level.” By integrating BlueID secure mobile keys can get easily issued and sent to any smartphone belonging to employees or subcontractors of network operators. Privately (BYOD) used smartphones can get utilized in the same way without jeopardizing the strong end-to-end protection. IT security is crucial for such sensitive infrastructure. BlueID guarantees very strong digital key security with its proven mobile authorization system based on PKI.

“EMKA has a very strong reputation within the network operator industry. The combination of their very robust and established products with our patented offline functionality for mobile keys strongly improves access control and network operations for network carriers“ states Florian Schiebl, Chief Sales Officer of baimos technologies. “Offline functionality is a mandatory factor when such cabinets need to get accessed during a network outage.”

The locking system supports Bluetooth Smart as well as NFC and allows access via smartphone, tablet or smart card. Even external organizations and subcontractors can get easily integrated in the access management system and get authorized with time restricted permissions sent to their mobile devices from the central control center. The next generation locking system can get linked with any existing central management system and mobile app. In that way the network operator remains in full control of their application logic and user data as well as cost management.

About EMKA Beschlagteile
The EMKA GROUP is the world leader for locking systems, hinges and sealing products, which are used in cabinets and control cabinets for electronics and electrical engineering. In the areas of air conditioning technology and transport, EMKA is one of the leading manufacturers of locking technology.
The product range comprises 15,000 articles that are developed, manufactured, processed and assembled at nine production sites in Germany, France, England, Spain, Bosnia, USA and China. The company has 1,400 employees in 46 countries worldwide.
Further information: www.emka.com

About baimos technologies gmbh
baimos technologies specializes in secure mobile communication and authorization management for smart devices to interact securely with embedded sensors and actuators locally around them.
The team of trusted computing specialists develops the software-based authorization platform BlueID which turns any mobile app and smartphone into a secure mobile key for real things like doors, cars, barriers, cabinets and the Internet of Things (IoT).
The strength of BlueID is its patent protected offline functionality which ensures local communication, authentication and authorization all within one second. BlueID provides strong security for digital keys stored on the smartphone but does not require secure elements on the smartphone side. It works with communication standards like Bluetooth Smart, NFC, WiFi and the mobile Internet.
baimos technologies works with partners like Marquardt, Emerson Network Power, eQ-3/ELV, Microsoft, novero, Valtech and others. Its list of customers includes Audi, Daimler, Sixt, DORMA, LG and others.
Further information: