Coworking space studio|Syndeo

16. November 2016


studio|Syndeo, Coworking space (


Bregenz, Austria


One of the largest challenges for coworking and flexible working spaces  is giving your customers secure and controlled access. This is not just about the selection and access to meeting rooms, but also about how to “unlock” the way into buildings and company campuses. As studio|Syndeo chose any2any ( and its features for the greater user experience, it was crucial to combine access with selected services any2any provided and BlueID Access proved to be a very flexible platform to achieve this.

studio|Syndeo’s objective was to save the time and effort by not having to physically distribute the  keys or smart cards. Furthermore, they wanted to ensure that the check-in experience for a visitor can be automated, bringing efficiencies and creating a much better customer experience at the same time saving them resource costs.

In addition, it was important for them to be able to create digital locking profiles which would allow employees and groups access to specific spaces, for specific times, or based around bookings.

Why BlueID? 

studio|Syndeo chose BlueID because they needed a physical access solution for coworking that was independent of the distribution of keys or smart cards. Bluetooth as a means of communication was important, as it guaranteed the support of iOS, Android and other smartphones.

By using an electronic distribution of keys to access the site, new customers can be easily onboarded without the need of having the reception desk staffed at all business hours. This brings great cost savings – especially for smaller spaces.

The saving in chasing and providing keys is estimated to save approx. 500-1000€ per year per location. The savings for the reception desk that is only staffed on request brings saving in excess of 10.000€ per year per location.

This additionally brings new business models that need easy and seamless access at all hours (also over the weekend). An example for this is, nearby Hotels offer the resources at studio|Syndeo to their guests. With this they extend the hospitality services to also offer professionally managed temporary office space.

In terms of locks, studio|Syndeo used BlueID’s partner ISEO ( as their cylinders have been on the market for a long time, and are available for both indoor and outdoor areas. The technology will certainly be usable for other areas of application in the near future. BlueID Access platform ensured a good connection between the app, resources, access, security, and authorization.

Furthermore, the readiness of BlueID to provide an open programming interface (SDK) allowed a very rapid development of a first prototype. Also the available hardware (locks, locking units) showed a certain maturity. In this way, a number of areas of use were developed at once. Indoor and outdoor locks, support for engine locks, a road map for garages, coffee machines, etc.

However, above all, the security aspect given by the BlueID Trust Service, as well as the speed at which the locks respond (open), accelerated studio|Syndeo’s decision for BlueID. This ensured that they had a trustworthy partner in the background.