Secure facility access control: DORMA trusts BlueID

6. March 2015

With the use of Bluetooth Smart, DORMA has integrated smartphones into its newest access management solution MATRIX AIR to easily configure electronic locks. The company intends to utilize the BlueID platform to make smartphones a secure carrier media of access permissions and digital keys.

Credentials for secure facility access are sent to the users via their smartphones. The BlueID platform guarantees for the secure creation, transmission and storage of access credentials with a sophisticated certificate-based Public Key Infrastructure (PKI).
While in the access management sector the whitelisting of user IDs in access readers, the use of pre-shared keys, and the storage of IDs in smartcards are still the norm, the use of the BlueID platform with its Public Key Infrastructure offers significant advantages when smartphone integration comes into play. The access reader does not need to store credentials anymore, and is still able to grant and deny access, also in periods when the system is completely offline.

In other words, the lock is able to distinguish between valid and invalid access permissions by itself, without any previous registration of devices or transfer of lists, and without the need of an online connection.
On the smartphone side, BlueID supports the use of Secure Elements (SEs) where they are available, but also offers high security in case SEs are not present and cannot be used. As a result, the BlueID platform distinguishes itself when it comes to scalability and the easy reach of each user in a fast-growing user base.

Felix Hoellt, Product Manager for Electronic Access Control Components at the DORMA Group, says: “The BlueID platform has convinced us after a thorough evaluation period and detailed analysis of the market. The platform offers the secure integration of smartphones in professional access control systems. It is easy to integrate and it offers a great deal of flexibility. The platform’s specialty is that the digital keys on the smartphone also work when the system is completely offline.”

With the integration of BlueID in its access control systems, DORMA is cashing in on its brand promise of innovation, which the company consistently follows after the announcement of a group-wide innovation program in 2013. The cooperation with BlueID is a logical next step after DORMA showcasing its MATRIX AIR solution at the BAU 2015 trade fair.

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