BlueID’s cloud-based mobile key solution in smart, commercial multi-tenant building in Leipzig

26. July 2018
Denkmalneu Leipzig multi-tenant BlueID

München, July 26, 2018 -The denkmalneu Group has launched the first part of its most recent development, the ‘Lebendiges Haus’ in Leipzig. This modern residential and commercial building was created based on the model of a similar intelligent property built in 2016 in Dresden: It offers small shops and restaurants on the ground floor, offices on the middle floors, beautiful and modern apartments for short stays and an upper floor penthouse intended for permanent rent. Additionally there are restaurants and conference centres inside leading to a large variety of visitors every day.

Therefore, the management of denkmalneu Group was looking for an access solution for the building that offers an unprecedented level of innovation, flexibility and usability while being highly secure at the same time. BlueID was identified as the preferred supplier due to its innovative and scalable business approach and a cloud-based access management platform that offers a number of software features; e.g. a highly flexible key plan, a lock installation app and diverse importing functionalities for locks and lock groups.

“We started this journey together with BlueID without having mapped out all of our key requirements, knowing that this would be a challenging journey. Thanks to a continuous and open communication combined with BlueID’s agile development setup, a lean and innovative access management system was built that corresponded quite well to our technological requirements and ambitious timeframe.” says Jan Hendrik Fahr, Managing Director of GmbH. “We were particularly impressed with the speed in which BlueID developed this customized solution”, adds Mr Fahr.

BlueID enables its fully electronic physical access control system without the burden of managing and maintaining an own costly IT infrastructure. Within denkmalneu, it was estimated that an average of 200 people per day need varying multi-level access permissions to different areas of the building. Therefore, scalability, flexibility as well as ease of operation were key requirements towards the offered solution.


About denkmalneu Group

The denkmalneu Group is a specialist in the conversion of existing buildings and other real estate. For private and semi-institutional investors, denkmalneu revitalizes and operates buildings at selected locations in German-speaking countries.


About BlueID GmbH

BlueID GmbH offers a cloud-based ‘Access as a Service’ platform for the centralized administration and authorization of machine identities in the Internet of Things (IoT). The BlueID ACCESS solution is a self-sufficient, highly secure authorization management platform that turns the smartphone into a secure digital key, enabling mobile identification, access control and object control. The BlueID solution is a unified, hardware-independent platform. For more information, please visit:


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