BlueID GmbH secures additional growth funding

13. July 2018
BlueID mobile key

München, July 13, 2018 – BlueID GmbH announced today that it has secured additional funding to finance its continuous market growth. Along with another affiliated investor, the Helvetia Venture Fund reiterates its commitment in the Munich-based company, which provides software for the digital management of access and locking systems. The existing shareholders HCS Beteiligungsgesellschaft, Berendsen Holding, High-Tech Gründerfonds (HTGF) and Bayern Kapital remain as key shareholders.

BlueID’s unified, smartphone-based access platform is a token-based access rights management solution based on PKI, solving challenges of private pre-shared keys on unsecure smartphones. BlueID’s goal is to simplify secure physical access control by offering a cloud-based access solution that enables user’s smartphones to open any kind of smart offline object, vendor-independent.

This technology will have a tremendous impact and a great use case in the real estate business and more specifically in newly developed smart multi-purpose / multi-tenant buildings where the Internet and mobile technology is used to interact with each other and access software systems from everywhere. “Mobile keys” are an ideal fit with the smart building philosophy with smartphones already being a major element when digitalizing features and processes of a property while generating large efficiency gains.

“A key element of BlueID is the unrestricted trust that it guarantees between mobile devices that carry the keys, and smart objects such as doors, cars, lockers, post boxes and more”, explains Philipp Spangenberg, CEO and founder of BlueID GmbH.
The recent financing will support BlueID’s further growth and accelerate the company’s expansion into the facility market. With its head office in Munich, Germany, BlueID targets system integrators as well as service providers active in facility management and Real Estate in general, with the goal to support its partners in introducing flexible & scalable, cloud-based IoT ecosystems.

About BlueID GmbH

BlueID GmbH is an access-as-a-service company headquartered in Munich specialising in the central management and authorisation of machine identities for the Internet of Things (IoT). The core product of BlueID is a software platform that protects direct communication and interaction between smart mobile devices and IoT objects via public key infrastructure procedures and certificates. Thanks to its hardware independence, BlueID is used in a wide range of IoT verticals and provides security, scalability and sustainability to any digital solution that is “secured by BlueID”.

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