BlueID partners up with casavi, the cloud-platform for modern and efficient real estate management

22. June 2022
BlueID partners up with casavi

We are happy to announce that BlueID has partnered up with casavi, the cloud-platform for communication between managers, owners/tenants and service providers in a building. Through the partnership, BlueID ACCESS®‘s functionalities can now be used by any casavi customer, who wish to upgrade the potential of their property with the best-in-class cloud-based access control.

casavi’s goal is simple: to enable a more efficient building management by connecting all stakeholders through digital, cloud-based processes. With the platform, managers, owners/tenants and service providers are not only networked, but can also collaborate at all times with one another via a ticket system, which provides an overview of everything that is going on and which can be edited by the parties. On top of that, a Customer Portal and Service App allows for communication between owners and tenants in one portal, while a Smart Post manages documents digitally and physically.

Besides its core functionalities, the platform also offers the integration with various software and hardware solutions to expand the building management to other areas – And the BlueID ACCESS® access control solution is the latest addition. Through our APIs, it is now available for casavi’s customer base, enabling them to either retrofit their existing property or equip their new buildings with BlueID smart locks, which are easy to install, use and maintain.

“casavi’s goal to enable a more efficient building management goes hand-in-hand with that of BlueID to provide comfort, independence and reliability through our smart locks” says Isabelle Vieira, Marketing Manager at BlueID. “The partnership with casavi not only unlocks greater potential to their customer base, who can now have best-in-class smart locks in their existing and new buildings, but also highlights BlueID’s API- and SDK-first identity, which enables the integration of BlueID ACCESS® with leading property platforms”



About casavi
casavi was founded in 2015 with the aim of making communication and service processes in the real estate environment simpler, more efficient and more customer-friendly. To this end, casavi automates manual and recurring processes, thus reducing time and effort and increasing productivity. For more information, please visit:


About BlueID
BlueID ACCESS® is a cloud-based access control solution with digital keys, which Proptech and Asset Owners integrate into their products and buildings. Extensive APIs and SDKs guarantee an easy integration into backends and apps, while the highly reliable, offline-capable lock hardware portfolio can equip any application. For more information, please visit: