Wearables: baimos technologies provides mobile security solution to LG Electronics

4. March 2015
LG with BlueID

baimos technologies provides a security solution to LG Electronics for enabling secure mobile access control features in LG’s wearable devices and smartphones. The clue of the next generation of mobile access control solutions is that the secure access permission can be verified completely offline, e.g. while a vehicle is parked in an underground car park.
As wearables and mobiles overtake more and more functions in the daily lives of their users, it becomes of utter importance to support security critical processes, like starting a vehicle via smartwatch app, with a robust security platform that works everywhere.

At Mobile World Congress 2015, baimos technologies showcases the world’s first digital door lock cylinder which is opened via Bluetooth Smart by the LG G Watch R and secured by BlueID. The digital lock cylinder with BlueID capability is supplied by renowned access control group ISEO Serrature which supplies professional access control solutions for more than forty years. The Bluetooth Smart based ISEO Libra lock cylinder is already available in the European market and meets all requirements for professional access control.

The BlueID platform from baimos technologies enables true multi-device solutions, as its marginal hardware requirements allow it to fit on any mobile device and in any digitally enabled object. The technology can be integrated by merely adding a BlueID capable Bluetooth Smart chip.
Seamlessly integrated access control across a wide range of objects – in a secure and convenient way – is the advantage that BlueID offers to device manufacturers and service providers. “With the BlueID Software Development Kit it is very easy to integrate the technology in smartwatches, smartphone apps and IoT devices” says Philipp Spangenberg, CEO of baimos technologies. “BlueID can be integrated directly on the Bluetooth Smart chip, and it also works in very small control units based on C or Java. The offline capability of BlueID is cutting-edge on the market and enables new use cases.”

The BlueID platform and the BlueID Software Development Kit (SDK) are available for product developers at www.BlueID.net.