BlueID integrates into furniture locks SOLO by PS Locks

18. May 2022
BlueID integrated into PS Locks

Munich, May 06, 2022 – BlueID ACCESS® is a cloud-based access control solution for smart commercial buildings. As a vendor-independent solution, it offers various types of hardware, which cover all demands within a building. Now, to complement its Catalogue, it has been integrated into the SOLO locks by PS Locks, the electromechanical locks for high-end furniture.


The furniture locks by PS Locks are built in Austria with the latest technology and highest precision. They bring innovation into electromechanical locks in the high-end furniture sector, with a 5-year warranty and short delivery times.

The SOLO furniture lock is a highly flexible electronic lock.  It is a perfect fit for all types of cabinets, drawers and sliding doors, as it can be used with a selection of accessories, such as external antenna, two latches and spacer plate. To make it smart, it operates with Bluetooth, RFID or 12V.

“We see a high demand for furniture locks. The market wants to have smart access control in all scenarios within a commercial building… and that goes from garage gates, over doors, all the way to lockers”, says Philipp P. Spangenberg, CEO at BlueID. “The integration with SOLO locks by PS Locks fills out this demand. It complements BlueID’s hardware catalogue by delivering furniture locks with the same usability, technology and security as we have for doors and other barriers.”


About PS Locks

Since 1986, PS GmbH has been recognized as a reliable supplier and wholesaler of furniture components. PS got worldwide market leader in the field of innovative and high-precision electromechanical locks in the high-end furniture sector. PS Locks’ ambition is to integrate the latest technologies from science and technology into our existing product range and to uniquely new develop advanced products for the world market. Learn more at


About BlueID

BlueID ACCESS® is a cloud-based access control solution with digital keys, which Proptech and Asset Owners integrate into their products and buildings. Extensive APIs and SDKs guarantee an easy integration into backends and apps, while the highly reliable, offline-capable lock hardware portfolio can equip any application. For more information, please visit:


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