BlueID contributes actively to creating the OSS Mobile Access Standard

8. July 2021
BlueID sets standards with OSS

If you work with access control, you have probably heard of OSS (Open Security Standards Association), an association with the goals to “develop, communicate and market standardised protocols, components and encoding within the security market and the associated security-related hardware and software”. The Association is currently working on a smartphone standard, the so-called OSS Mobile Access, which builds on top of the existing cards standard, the so-called OSS Standard Offline. Together, they democratize the access control industry by allowing interoperability between different products and solutions.


BlueID is working actively in creating the first release of the OSS Mobile Access Standard as part of the Technical Board

Founded by leading companies in the access control industry, the OSS counts with a steeering board, a technical board, a certification board and a communications board. With our long-term expertise, BlueID was elected part of the OSS Technical Board and is actively contributing to the creation of the OSS Mobile Access documentation. As a matter of fact, the first release of the standard, written by BlueID and other fellow members, has been approved by the Technical Board and distributed to all other OSS members for internal review this week. The goal is for the standard to be tested throughout the year and finally be released publicly by the end of 2021.


Democratizing the access control industry, but keeping the bullet-proof BlueID security 

While we are actively supporting a mobile key standardisation, there is one foundation we do not let go of: our state-of-art BlueID security. With our BlueID Trusted Service and the PKI security framework, we have been in the market for longer than a decade and we are proud to say that we have always kept our users safe and have never had a single security breach.



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