BlueID at Jaguar Land Rover Innovation Day

19. May 2016
Jaguar Land Rover BlueID

BlueID car access and start via smartphone shown at the Jaguar Land Rover Innovation Day at the British Motor Museum.

Amazing day Innovation Day! Our demo car with BlueID Drive implemented was a highlight of the event.

Car manufacturers who have implemented BlueID know that they can sleep well at night with their security in our hands. Our unique patented offline functionality makes the product even more special as it allows for a reliable autonomous connection without being dependent on any networks. Regardless of the channels, the security continuously remains on top governmental level, due to all the information being carefully moved through the Trust Centre which rigorously guards the authorization, day and night.

We drove our BlueID enabled Audi from Munich to England to let Jaguar Land Rover see and test the access technology that they are currently keen on exploring. Security was a very important aspect of our conversations with the company.

BlueID DRIVE® is a highly secure digital mobile key and identity management solution. Through the open/close function and DriverID, it empowers car manufacturers and Mobility-as-a-Service providers with the flexibility necessary to address new business opportunities, while giving them the ability to provide differentiated customer experiences. The automotive sector fully trusts BlueID due to its proven and solid security matrix.