Baimos Technologies changes company name to BlueID GmbH

28. September 2017

Munich, September 28th, 2017 – Baimos Technologies announced today that its company name has officially changed to BlueID GmbH.

BlueID has been the company’s core product name for the past 10 years, providing cloud-based identity services that turn smartphones into a secure key for automotive and facility markets as well as many other applications in the IoT area.

BlueID’s mission is to simplify physical access control by enabling cloud based access permissions, sent as secure tokens to users’ smartphones, to open any kind of smart object. The company is now marketing under BlueID GmbH – this singular focus will indeed benefit the company’s customers and partners.

“We all are very excited about the name change to BlueID, as this name defined the products, culture and success of this company for the past 10 years. We strongly believe in values like trust, reliability and security and will ensure that these values are reflected in our unique universal access management platform that is able to cover billions of objects and users worldwide’, says Philipp P. Spangenberg, the company’s CEO.

Being an established yet innovative market player, BlueID GmbH will continue to focus on key topics that preoccupy the market at this stage, mainly security, availability as well as scalability of mobile access solutions in different application scenarios. The BlueID solution profoundly helps in replacing/complementing traditional physical key-based solutions (e.g. for cars, hotel rooms, office buildings, storages, etc.) with a mobile, token-based access rights management solution that flexibly controls all security aspects within the respective business logic.

BlueID GmbH marked its 10th anniversary at the end of 2016 and has more than doubled its workforce over the past months. The company continuously adds further application providers and lock/hardware manufacturers to its ecosystem, making it the first and only universal independent access platform solution in the market.