All in one hospitality solution for your guest’s experience.

25. July 2016

All in one hospitality solution to fully digitize hotel guest’s experience. We are presenting @IHTForum today!

In an ideal world, as a hotel, you deliver an ultimate experience, stay in a regular contact with your guests, listen to their needs and personalize services according to them at the same time giving them the physical access which comes from no further than their own phone. However, you can only achieve this convenient set up when you yourself have a freedom of choice and can mix and match its components. Unfortunately, more often than said, major lock manufacturers do not give you a choice of the business logic you can use, and while you are using their hardware, no 3rd party provider can be integrated in your existing app. The limitation comes from obligation to integrate the hardware provider with hotel’s PMS and having to repeat the process whenever the hotelier chooses to have additional hardware. BlueID Access delivers you the freedom of choice which you need to make your guests happy and ensure that they want to keep coming back to you.

HOW DOES IT WORK WITH BlueID ACCESS in hospitality sector?

From a basic key app to a fully digitalized guest experience across all processes

• Imagine your dream guest experience functionality

• Choose from hundreds of hotel apps or design your own in-house app

• Choose from a number of established lock manufacturers

• Manage endless number of guests at the same time

• Easily issue keys via your PMS through our cloud service

• Profit from the highest level of security on the market

• Keep expanding your brand by including all of the above under your name

• Continue to add required hardware like safe deposit boxes, barriers, room automation systems, cabinets, and become well placed in the world of IoT

Check out BlueID explainer video.