BlueID ACCESS® is a highly secure Proptech mobile access technology that turns smartphones into secure digital keys. It enables effective user management, secure mobile device authentication and thus scalable access control of objects in diverse facility verticals. BlueID enables its customers to quickly expand and implement an unlimited number of IoT objects and devices worldwide – completely lock vendor-independent.

BlueID cloud facility

For System Integrators

  • Grant access to all smart locks in one single mobile app
  • Reduce process & management costs through digitization
  • Benefit from a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) approach

For Hardware Manufacturers

  • Increase revenue with smartphone-enabled locks
  • Upgrade your products with Plug-and-Play solutions
  • Provide offline and highly secure access control

Facility Industries


Self check-in at hotels is picking up speed. BlueID enables hotel chains to outfit their digital locking system for smartphone access. Hotel guests are able to check-in, receive their secure room key and immediately open their booked room via smartphone app. For Airbnb and similar short-term rental services, BlueID ACCESS offers a convenient ticketing system as the property owner can digitally send the access permission to their guest and set it for the rental duration. At the door, neither the guest nor the lock need to be online.


Identity and Access Management (IAM) takes an integral role in the management of a digital facility. Access and permission management for all employees is made simple with a smartphone access solution that uses BlueID. Established electronic locks stay in place, while being upgrade for access via app. Other biometric systems and legacy chip-card systems like Legic and Mifare cards can still be used, while the advantages of smartphone access like better scalability and simplified IAM will positively show.


In public sector buildings such as hospitals, airports, train stations, universities, fairs and municipal buildings, it is necessary to assure secure access for both employees and guests/customers, while separating public areas from restricted ones according to the permissions defined within the Identity and Access Management (IAM) system of the building. Creating, storing and granting these access permissions on the employees' and visitors' smartphones is highly convenient, fast and secure with BlueID.

No internet connection

BlueID locks are always offline and therefore impossible to hack.



BlueID is manufacturer-independent and offers a wide portfolio of BlueID-enabled locks to choose from.



The market is moving towards BLE mobile keys, but BlueID ACCESS® is still compatible with common NFC cards and fobs and can combine both in a single system.


Security in the Cloud

BlueID ensures the highest availability of services and scalability through a SaaS model from the cloud. BlueID partners with the top cloud provider AWS to ensure reliable, audited and updated cloud services.

100% smartphones covered

BlueID is constantly tested on all end-user smartphones worldwide.


Broad Portfolio

From locks for indoor, outdoor, wall scanner, mortise lock to furniture locks, various manufacturers are BlueID compatible.


Certificates / PKI Encryption

The Public Key Infrastructure of BlueID provides future-proof protection for the Trusted Service through state-of-the-art encryption and certified security.


Token Security

Token-based authentication is flexible, scalable and secured against man-in-the-middle attacks. BlueID’s tokens do not contain personal information and expire after a set amount of time or can be revoked.

Customer Success Stories

Sensorberg looks to BlueID cloud solution

Sensorberg – a Proptech company which specializes in hardware and software for the digitalization and automation of buildings and is now integrating BlueID.

Location: Berlin, Germany.


Not only does the digitization of buildings and digitally controllable access thereof increase efficiency in operations and user satisfaction, but also new privacy laws require the sensitive handling of data. In order to enable digitally controlled access, Sensorberg installs so-called “access hubs” in the respective buildings – special contact and connection points…

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Denkmalneu – das Lebendige Haus

Denkmalneu – das Lebendige Haus. Multi-Purpose Commercial Building (Hotel/Offices/Appartments/Retail, …)

Location: Leipzig, Germany.


The owner and management of the ‘Lebendige Haus’ in Leipzig were looking for an access solution that offers an unprecedented level of innovation, flexibility, and usability while being highly secure at the same time. It was estimated that an average of 200 people per day needs varying multi-level access permissions to different areas of the building…

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