BlueID Headline Access

BlueID ACCESS® is a highly secure Proptech mobile access technology that helps to turn smartphones into secure digital keys. By granting permissions, it enables effective user management; mobile identification, access control, authentication and control of objects across diverse facility IoT verticals. By providing secure
mobile keys and scalable identity and access management, BlueID enables its customers to quickly expand and implement an unlimited number of IoT objects and devices worldwide – completely lock vendor independent.

Hospitality hotel room unlock BlueID


Self check-in at hotels is picking up speed. Our software enables hotel chains to outfit their digital locking system for smartphone access. Hotel guests are able to check-in online, receive their secure room key via smartphone app and can immediately open their booked room. For Airbnb and similar rental services, BlueID ACCESS offers a ticketing system that makes access to short term rental apartments easy as the property owner can digitally send the access permission to their guest and also set it for the rental duration. At the door, neither the guest nor the locking unit need to be connected online to securely open and lock the door.

Office BlueID


Identity and Access Management takes an integral role in the management of offices, with access to a rising number of IT systems required, besides simple room access. It is very easy to streamline access and permission management for all employees with a smartphone access solution that uses BlueID. Established electronic locks stay in place, while being upgrade for access via app. Biometric systems and legacy chip-card systems like Legic and Mifare cards can still be used, while the advantages of smartphone access like better scalability and simplified IAM will positively show.

Public Facility BlueID


In public sector buildings, including hospitals, airports, train stations, universities, fairs and municipal buildings, it is necessary to assure secure access for both employees and guests/customers, while separating public areas from restricted parts of the building. Staff must be granted easy, automatic access according to the permissions defined within the IAM system of the building. Securely storing these access permissions on the employees and visitor’s smartphones is what BlueID does best. As a result, secure access via smartphone becomes easy.

Public Buildings BlueID Access Platform


Real estate industry is experiencing a major shift with thousands of smart connected buildings being currently built. Because we live in an era of sharing, there is a particular focus on so called mutli-tenant / mixed-mode smart buildings that offer very different functional areas within the building. Without a fast and accurate access, the key handover for such facility would be a complicated process that takes a lot of time and resources. Mobile keys based on the user’s smartphone strictly to the facilities he/she has booked make this process much easier.

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    "By 2020, there will be 21 bn IoT devices worldwide"
    "The access control market is expected to be worth USD 10.03 Billion by 2023, growing at a CAGR of 6.48% between 2017 and 2023."