BlueID runs on top of your existing smartcard based system and you continue to keep control over your own app and back end system. You will never have to share your valuable user data again as BlueID works with its dedicated virtual identities.

BlueID turns any smartphone into a trusted central key giving you a choice of variety of networks including Bluetooth Smart, NFC, Wifi or 3G/4G. The keys get safely stored on the individual mobile device. The concept is similar to the offline functional smart cards which carry the permission, but with better security!

The access permission is stored on the Smartphone and can get verified offline by the locking system. We have had an international patent granted for this functionality since 2006. Once a BlueID enabled lock gets installed you won’t need to touch it again for software administration. The software kit for the locking system is very light weight and also fits into tiny battery driven controllers while supporting a perfect combination of security, power consumption and user convenience.





Self check-in at hotels is picking up speed. Our software enables hotel chains to outfit their digital locking system for smartphone access. Hotel guests are able to check-in online, receive their secure room key via smartphone app and can immediately open their booked room. Hotels like Hilton and Starwood already launched smartphone access for their guests, while many more are soon to follow. Using the smartphone for access is convenient for guests, the proprietor, and offers a great opportunity for personalized service that binds customers to your brand.

For Airbnb and similar accommodation renting services, BlueID offers a ticketing system that makes access to short term rental apartments easy. The property owner can digitally send the permission to their customer so that they can enter the apartment using their smart phone. The flat owners can configure and choose the exact time during which relevant guests can access the property. At the door, neither the guest nor the locking unit need to be connected online to securely open and lock the door.


Identity and Access Management takes an integral role in the management of offices, with access to a rising number of IT systems required, besides simple room access. It is very easy to streamline access and permission management for all employees with a smartphone access solution that uses BlueID. Established electronic locks stay in place, while being upgrade for access via app. Biometric systems and legacy chip-card systems like Legic and Mifare cards can still be used, while the advantages of smartphone access like better scalability and simplified IAM will positively show.


In public sector buildings, including hospitals, airports, train stations, universities, fairs and municipal buildings, it is necessary to assure secure access for both employees and guests/customers, while separating public areas from restricted parts of the building. Staff must be granted easy, automatic access according to the permissions defined within the IAM system of the building. Securely storing these access permissions on the employees and visitor’s smartphones is what BlueID does best. As a result, secure access via smartphone becomes easy.


With the user convenience and experience in mind, BlueID doesn’t just limit to opening doors.

It switches on lights & heating, turns the TV on and pulls the blinds down. Whatever ambient changes you wish for your customer to experience – BlueID makes them happen.

Home automation and controls enable flats and houses to offer enhanced comfort to their inhabitants, while also being more energy efficient. Lighting, heating, and entrance door locking systems can nowadays easily be controlled jointly via app.

BlueID enables Bluetooth Smart locking cylinders to be opened via Google Android devices and Apple iPhones. If required, NFC based solutions are integrable. Smart ambient changes, according to which inhabitant enters with their smartphone, put the final elegant touch on today’s smartphone access solutions.


The effective integration of Bluetooth Smart into existing electronic platforms with minimal power consumption is already quite a challenging engineering task. To adjust the IT security concept to the use of always-on smartphones so that solid protection of mobile room keys is guaranteed in a highly scalable way, is almost a new science to learn. Offerings from established vendors of smart card systems often stick to their existing approach to harvest maximum leverage. However, a smart card can’t be compared to a smart phone. BlueID is here to help out with its specialized concept for smart mobile devices. We understand the needs of electrical engineering and help to match them easily with requirements of IT security. A smartphone based product offering can be implemented in a very short period of time.


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