Embedded Products

The BlueID Ready2Go Implementation is a Plug-and-Play solution designed to effortlessly accelerate the full integration of BlueID into your locks. It allows you to equip your hardware with a tested and certified smartphone-enabled access management system in less than a month by using the best-in-class Bluetooth chips of Nordic and Silicon Labs. You benefit from the highest level of technology and security in your locks, while saving in-house development time and costs.

The BlueID SDK for Embedded is a small C source code library that can be integrated into control units that do not use a nRF52 or BGM SoC. It provides the BlueID core functionalities to authenticate and authorize a mobile device to execute a command.

On top of embedded products, BlueID also offers professional services to support the integration of BlueID functionalities into any hardware. With an agile approach, the team is happy to assist if any questions arouse. The continuous smartphone testing ensures that the end-user experience with BlueID runs smoothly, regardless of the mobile device used.