How much does a secure smart key system cost? The new BlueID Pricing

16. Juli 2020
BlueID New Pricing

The last months have brought unprecedented challenges for businesses. With economic and governmental matters, the idea of workplaces was shaken and the focus on health was consolidated. The definition of „safe places of work“ – regardless if usual offices, hotels, restaurants, or warehouses – now goes beyond the security aspect and includes hygiene as a top priority. And the BlueID smart key system provides exactly that: highest security, hygiene and on top of that, exceptional user convenience.

While working to further refine our processes and technology under the new circumstances, we have also analyzed our products and the market to offer that what our customers need – specially in times like these. Now we are pleased to announce the new BlueID Pricing for our two target groups SMEs and Enterprise and help you find the right solution for your needs.


BlueID Smart Keys for SMEs

For our B2B end customers, we offer a OneStopShopSolution with two different models to digitize the access control in their offices.

BlueID’s hardware-independent solution can be easily implemented in your office to provide your users a safe, remote, cost-effective key system. We offer a great selection of high quality, Made in Germany hardware, for example from Uhlmann und Zacher and Südmetall. You will find the cylinders, door handles and wall readers that fit both your installation and design needs.

BlueID SME Pricing

Standard SME

Thought for smaller SMEs, who wish to simply have a remote access to employees and external personnel such as cleaning staff. It requires minimum integration efforts.

Premium SME

Thought for SMEs with at least 20 employees, who wish to not only integrate remote access, but also to benefit from extended features. For example, if you are using an external HR service provider such as Personio, you can digitize the handling of key to your staff based on the rooms they should have access to.


BlueID Smart Keys for Enterprise

For our B2B enterprise customers, we offer three different models to digitize the access control of their customers.

With BlueID ACCESS, you can upgrade your offering with cloud-based BLE and NFC access control. Through our REST API, BlueID’s technology can be easily integrated into your products. It provides you with state-of-art encryption and certified security without interfering into your business logic.

BlueID Pricing for Enterprise Customers


Thought for single, digital buildings, this option includes 50 BlueID-enabled objects of any kind. For you, the BlueID access control is a standalone solution with an own app, which can be customized according to your demands.


Thought for system integrators, who bring together hardware and software in digital buildings and understand the high demand for secure, smart keys. For you, the BlueID access control is integrated into your app with the mobile SDKs for iOS & Android and it works flawlessly with your other features.


Thought for OEMs, who produce their own hardware and see the need to upgrade their products by offering digital access control on top of traditional physical keys. For you, the BlueID access control is integrated into your cylinders, locks and wall readers through our Ready2Go license for Nordic Semiconductors‘ nRF52 family.


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