Be in control! Find out how to save time, money and hassle with smart keys for your office

20. März 2020
Office Entrance

Has it ever happened that an employee lost their office keys?

Replacing office keys costs up to 200€ as well as your time to organize a new one.  But how much more would it cost if someone found and used it to enter the office to steal office equipment?

Replacing the actual entrance locks is absolutely required, which is even more cost- and time consuming than replacing the one lost key. But wait – the new locks will then require issuing new keys to all employee – this involves even more cost and hassle. The cost to rectify one lost key for an office with a few secure doors and only 50 employees would be many thousands of Euros.

And then … it happens again …

It is time to consider a change to a modern, highly secure electronic access system.

Card systems are a good option; however, many card/dongle access solutions require customers to be dependent on expensive third-party experts for administration and configuration of the system.

Would you not want to be in control?

Mobile phones are used in almost every aspect in life …

and there is an increasing trend to use smartphones to access buildings via a mobile key.

BlueID offers a cloud-based access solution that uses smartcards and smartphones as smart keys, which has been trusted by a wide range of major customers in the demanding automotive and facility segments for over a decade.

  • a Mobile Key App or Smartcards to open doors
  • a Web-based Admin Interface to set up employee access rights
  • a Mobile Admin App for one-time lock initialization
  • a range of digital locks and, if needed, smart cards or fobs – no wiring is required.

A secure Mobile Keys Solution from BlueID has significant advantages:

  • Cost Effective – BlueID uses electronic locks from Uhlmann & Zacher that are cost competitive with existing key locks, but add more convenience, flexibility and save worry
  • Ease of Use – just configure access rights and then issue them to phones of employees, guests or service personnel, wherever they are and at any time – you are in control
  • Proven Security – BlueID’s highly secure PKI-based Cryptography and AWS-hosted Trusted Cloud Service has been certified by VDE, and validated by Audi, VW & Siemens
  • Integration and Automation – such an intelligent solution allows integration to HR tools such as Personio to automate the rights access for new and former employees.

Save time, money and hassle.

With BlueID’s smart key for your office: simple, cost-effective, secure