BlueID System

Regardless if you fit into our Office or Enterprise target, BlueID smart locks offer you best-in-class mobile access based on four main components: our BlueID Admin Interface, high-quality locks, Android and iOS smartphones and NFC cards/fobs.

BlueID Cloud-Based Access Control

BlueID Admin Interface

Our BlueID Admin Interface allows you to manage all users and keys based on a Roles and Authorization Concept. It is hosted in the cloud and requires no local installation or maintenance.


Our vast locks selection offer you the utmost mechanical and digital security. We only work with the best lock manufacturers and guarantee a Made in Germany quality.


Android and iOS smartphones host the three BlueID mobile apps, each thought for a specific user need. The BlueID Keys, Lock Admin, and Token Writer Apps offer you and your users all necessary functionalities.

NFC Cards and Fobs

BlueID NFC cards and fobs are an alternative for users who prefer not to use a mobile app, but have an extra tool for accessing doors within the office or building.

An app for every user need

BlueID Keys App

Allow your users to access all doors and barriers - with one single app. You can either use the app with our original design, whitelabel it with your own CI, or apply its functionalities to third-party mobile apps with our mobile SDKs for Android and iOS.

BlueID Lock Admin App

Perform maintenance and support yourself - without a third party. Install and add new locks to your Tenant, remove others and detect all available lock-door links. Change battery, perform OTA firmware updates and benefit from a comfortable customer support process.

BlueID Token Writer App

Create access authorizations on cards and tags - with an smartphone. Have the freedom of easily writing keys on the go and benefit from a kiosk in the palm of your hands. In case of a lost-and-found card or fob, you can also verify the owner.

We are known for our exceptional security

We offer you and your users the utmost security through our GDPR-compliant, certified solution.

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