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Cloud-Based Access Control

Easy Integration of BlueID Cloud-Based Access Control

Easy Integration

Upgrade your offering with BLE and NFC. Integrate BlueID's secure, scalable and compliant access control solution into your system with our APIs and SDKs.

BlueID Sells Smart Locks

Broad Portfolio

With one API, a wide variety of locks from different vendors are available: from locks for indoors/outdoors, wall readers, mortise locks to furniture locks, we offer a broad portfolio of high quality, Made in Germany hardware.

BlueID smart key is certified and GDPR compliant

PKI Encryption

The Public Key Infrastructure of the BlueID Trusted Service provides future-proof protection through state-of-the-art encryption and certified security.


BlueID ACCESS® is our mobile access control solution. It was thought for PropTech companies and building owners, who wish to integrate a cloud-based access solution with secure mobile keys into their product or smart building. It stands for comfort, independence and reliability throughout PropTech projects.

BlueID Cloud-Based Access Control


End User App

The BlueID Keys App manages all the complexity of the secure mobile key solution. It can either have a BlueID branding or be customized. BlueID’s functionality can also be easily integrated into your or your customers’ existing app using the BlueID SDK for iOS / Android.

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System Integrator Backend

The BlueID Trusted Services can be easily integrated into your management system using a straight-forward REST API, thus facilitating communication to the permission management system, process business software, facility management software and much more.

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Customer Success Stories

The Ship integrates BlueID

The Ship was designed by FOND OF with a focus on people. With High-End Technology and a special atmosphere, the building stands for a new way of working: networked, agile, collaborative, and innovative.

Location: Cologne, Germany.


Among other technologies such as the automatic temperature and lighting optimization and a workspace booking system, a keyless entry system was needed for the access to all doors. The requirements were clear: compatibility with existing systems, state-of-art usability for both tenants and employees of The Ship, and convenient in-house hardware maintenance…

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akii chooses BlueID for access control

akii offers an intelligent key ring for all locking scenarios on a construction site. With one single app, the access management is centralized, simplified, and secured.

Location: Berlin, Germany.


akii was looking for a solution that enables all administrative tasks of access control to be carried out from a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet. To avoid the need for personal interaction with the users, the management system needed to work from a distance – an essential requirement particularly in times of COVID-19…

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Sensorberg looks to BlueID cloud solution

Sensorberg – a Proptech company which specializes in hardware and software for the digitalization and automation of buildings and is now integrating BlueID.

Location: Berlin, Germany.


Not only does the digitization of buildings and digitally controllable access thereof increase efficiency in operations and user satisfaction, but also new privacy laws require the sensitive handling of data. In order to enable digitally controlled access, Sensorberg installs so-called “access hubs” in the respective buildings – special contact and connection points…

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