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Cloud-Based Access Control

Easy Integration of BlueID Cloud-Based Access Control

Easy Integration

Upgrade your offering with BLE and NFC. Integrate BlueID's secure, scalable and compliant access control solution into your system with our APIs and SDKs.

Variety of locks for BlueID smart key

Broad Portfolio

From locks for indoor, outdoor, wall readers, mortise lock to furniture locks, we offer a broad portfolio of high quality, Made in Germany hardware to fit your customer's need.

BlueID smart key is certified and GDPR compliant

PKI Encryption

The Public Key Infrastructure of the BlueID Trusted Service provides future-proof protection through state-of-the-art encryption and certified security.


BlueID ACCESS® is a cloud-based access control management platform that turns smartphones into secure, smart keys. It is applicable to nearly all facility cases and fits in every IoT product without interfering with the business logic.

BlueID Cloud-Based Access Control


End User App

The BlueID Keys App manages all the complexity of the secure mobile key solution. It can either have a BlueID branding or be customized. BlueID’s functionality can also be easily integrated into your or your customers’ existing app using the BlueID SDK for iOS / Android.

System Integrator Backend

The BlueID Trusted Services can be easily integrated into your management system using a straight-forward REST API, thus facilitating communication to the permission management system, process business software, facility management software and much more.


BlueID Pricing for Enterprise Customers


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Customer Success Stories

Sensorberg looks to BlueID cloud solution

Sensorberg – a Proptech company which specializes in hardware and software for the digitalization and automation of buildings and is now integrating BlueID.

Location: Berlin, Germany.


Not only does the digitization of buildings and digitally controllable access thereof increase efficiency in operations and user satisfaction, but also new privacy laws require the sensitive handling of data. In order to enable digitally controlled access, Sensorberg installs so-called “access hubs” in the respective buildings – special contact and connection points…

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Denkmalneu – das Lebendige Haus

Denkmalneu – das Lebendige Haus. Multi-Purpose Commercial Building (Hotel/Offices/Appartments/Retail, …)

Location: Leipzig, Germany.


The owner and management of the ‘Lebendige Haus’ in Leipzig were looking for an access solution that offers an unprecedented level of innovation, flexibility, and usability while being highly secure at the same time. It was estimated that an average of 200 people per day needs varying multi-level access permissions to different areas of the building…

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