BlueID for Enterprise
Professional Package

Who is it for?

Asset owners, real estate developers, facility service companies, large offices and offices with multiple locations, who:

  • Want to have an available, ready-to-use access control app;
  • Wish to use BlueID-enabled smart locks in their own buildings.

What is included?

The activation and subscription of 50 locks and BlueID’s basic features: ACCESS management system, Keys App, Lock Admin App, Token Writer App, and Backend API

  • Additional locks can be flexibly added on a lock-by-lock basis;
  • Locks which are not used for a period of time can be deactivated and will not be charged for.


How do I get started?

  • Besides an agreement for the cloud-service, you will need BlueID-enabled hardware, which you can purchase from us. We are more than happy to support you during the selection process.

Do you only offer smartphone access?

  • We also offer NFC cards/fobs as an alternative identification medium to the smartphone. We can also provide you wit hybrid cards, that can be used for other applications, such as time recording, printing, canteen or third-party access control – all in one card.

What are BlueID’s basic features?

  • ACCESS management system: hosted in the cloud and requires no local installation and maintenance;
  • BlueID Keys App: smartphone app used by the users of the building (tenants or employees) to open doors;
  • Lock Admin App: smartphone app used by facility manager or IT manager for an easy, in-house administration and maintenance of the locks;
  • Token Writer App: smartphone app used by building receptionists or office manager to write keys onto NFC cards/fobs; and
  • Backend API: used to integrate BlueID’s mobile access into existing HR systems, thus enabling an automatic issue of access rights during the onboarding of employees, as well as an automatic revokation of access rights during offboarding.
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"We were particularly impressed with the speed in which BlueID developed this customized solution."

Jan Hendrik Fahr, Managing Director of GmbH

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"The seamless integration, the support of the BlueID team, and the usability for both our tenants and for our employees are aspects that truly impressed us."

Mathias Heinz, Head of IT of FOND OF