BlueID Drive

BlueID DRIVE® is a highly secure digital mobile key and identity management solution.
Through the open/close function and DriverID, it empowers car manufacturers and Mobility-as-aservice
providers with the flexibility necessary to address new business opportunities and gives
them ability to provide differentiated customer experiences.

Parking automotive access management BlueID


Automotive sector fully trusts BlueID due to its proven and solid security matrix.

Car manufacturers who have implemented BlueID know that they can sleep well at night with their security in our hands. Our unique patented offline functionality makes the product even more special as it allows for a reliable autonomous connection without being dependent on any networks. Regardless of the channels involved, the security continuously remains on top governmental level, due to all the information being carefully moved through the Trust Centre which rigorously guards the authorization, day and night.

SHARED automotive access management BlueID


Car sharing trend isn’t showing any signs of a slowdown and keyless opening and starting a shared car is the talk of the town.

BlueID allows you to replace key fobs and smart cards with smartphones and smartwatches. The smart mobile device is about to become the always-at-hand central holder of personalized infotainment, connectivity and security profiles. It automatically configures the vehicle according to the user’s needs. Additionally, digital keys and permission management tremendously simplify operational processes and help to save cost. They simply make our lives more effective.

Tier auto BlueID access


Your aim is to expand your mobility & connected car servies product portfolio. In order for it to work seamlessly, you strive to integrate driver’s smartphone with the car’s driver permission system and, where desired, with back-end services in the cloud.

BlueID DRIVE does exactly that for you and adds the Driver Identification as a perk which supports your services tremedously in the insurance industry. The integration into on-board control units (OBUs), telematics boxes, or directly into a Bluetooth Smart / NFC chipset is very straight forward. The BlueID DRIVE technology is made to automotive grade stability requirements with a secure, robust and reliable code base.

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    "By 2020, there will be 21 bn IoT devices worldwide"
    "The access control market is expected to be worth USD 10.03 Billion by 2023, growing at a CAGR of 6.48% between 2017 and 2023."