Opening cars with smartphones is old news. It is the secure engine start that remains a challenge. BlueID is an automotive OEM approved solution because it always delivers top notch features in order to keep improving the user’s demands for convenience, innovation and top level quality.





Automotive sector fully trusts BlueID due to its proven and solid security matrix.

Car manufacturers who have implemented BlueID know that they can sleep well at night with their security in our hands. Our unique patented offline functionality makes the product even more special as it allows for a reliable autonomous connection without being dependent on any networks. Regardless of the channels involved, the security continuously remains on top governmental level, due to all the information being carefully moved through the Trust Centre which rigorously guards the authorization, day and night.  

However, we understand that trust needs time to be built and if you still feel more comfortable having an actual physical secure element in place, we made it possible for BlueID to seamlessly work with them as well.  We like to think that this ultimately makes BlueID a security guard who not only is best in his field, but on top of that, he listens to your wishes regarding the preferred protection tool being used.

If you are worried about having to give up on your current set-up and go through arduous, complicated and long implementation process, you do not need to give it another thought as BlueID implements effortlessly and works perfectly well on top of your remote back end system control.


What makes your keyless access exceptional?


  • Open & Start function
  • Driver identification
  • Driver authorisation – Engine start
  • Inside & Outside detection
  • Guaranteed flawless and fast access which takes place in a split second, thus allowing the expected user experience when opening or starting a car


  • Supports NFC, Bluetooth Smart, WiFi as well as 2G/3G/4G connection
  • Can be run on your premises and ensures that your existing apps and back end system remain solely in your hands
  • Can be integrated across different service providers


  • Provides industry-wide unmatched patented secure offline capability
  • Offers full pseudonymization to cater for data protection laws
  • Based on a secured Trusted Service by a Certificate Authority (CA)


Online automotive smartphone apps unfortunately do not support offline use. Almost all major automotive OEMs provide mobile apps with remote control services for their upper class vehicles. With these, the driver is able to remotely open doors, windows or trunk, and switch on lights or heating. But those services only work as long as the car is connected online via its telematics control units (TCU) and connectivity gateway to the OEM’s backend. Delegating a very secure multiple users’ access to one car is a very challenging task due to security aspects. Car security and safety remain the holy grail for OEMs as vehicles represent a high investment and might be stolen.


If you are an automotive Tier 1 supplier, you have probably already thought about integrating the driver’s smartphone with the car’s driver permission system and, where desired, with back end services in the cloud.

BlueID does exactly that for you and the actual integration into on board control units (OBUs), telematics boxes, or directly into a Bluetooth Smart / NFC chipset is very easy! You do it via our Software Development Kit (SDK) and all the reference implementation designs are at hand and ready to use.

The BlueID SDK is made to automotive grade stability requirements with a secure, robust and reliable code base. Tier 1 suppliers like LG, Novero and Marquardt have decided to trust us and never looked back.


The effective integration of Bluetooth Smart into existing electronic platforms with minimal power consumption is already quite a challenging engineering task. To adjust the IT security concept to the use of always-on smartphones so that solid protection of mobile room keys is guaranteed in a highly scalable way, is almost a new science to learn. Offerings from established vendors of smartcard systems often stick to their existing approach to harvest maximum leverage. However, there are many reasons why a smartcard can’t be compared to a smart phone. BlueID is here to help out with its specialized concept for smart mobile devices. We understand the needs of electrical engineering and help to match them easily with IT security requirements. A smartphone-based product offering can be set-up in a very short period of time.


Car sharing trend isn’t showing any signs of a slowdown and keyless opening and starting a shared car is the talk of the town.

BlueID allows you to replace key fobs and smart cards with smartphones and smartwatches. The smart mobile device is about to become the always-at-hand central holder of personalized infotainment, connectivity and security profiles. It automatically configures the vehicle according to the user’s needs. Additionally, digital keys and permission management tremendously simplify operational processes and help to save cost. They simply make our lives more effective.


There is a broad market of solutions for vehicles without pre-installed telematic control units. These aftermarket solutions utilize the On Board Diagnostics interface to manipulate the CAN bus to empower smartcard or smartphone access, whether it is connected to a backend or not. However those efforts are against the OEMs policies and as a result any OEM product guarantee becomes void immediately. This might also negatively influence the robustness of the complete vehicle’s electronic system.


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