BlueID is a Mobile Access Control Platform and associated Key System that enables a user’s smartphone to securely connect and interact with objects all over the world.

Why Us?

The ongoing digitalization of processes in various industry verticals generates a need for a fast and secure connection between smart devices and objects in the world of IoT. BlueID fills this gap. It delivers trust & confidence between any object and any mobile smart device. It is always there. It is robust. And it never lets you down.





Universal Access Control


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Success Stories

Sensorberg looks to BlueID cloud solution for digital access control

Sensorberg is a Proptech company which specialises in hardware and software for the digitalisation and automation of buildings and is now integrating BlueID.

Denkmalneu – a Multi-Purpose Commercial Building

Denkmalneu looked for an access solution that offers an unprecedented level of innovation, flexibility and usability while being highly secure at the same time.

Private and innovative university in one of Europe’s capital cities

BlueID has worked together with an independent, private European university to offer an innovative approach to its close to 9000 students.

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Man touching reader with phone to access an entry point

BlueID onTouch®: subway turnstile speed with high security and convenience

Munich, December 09 2019 – BlueID introduces BlueID onTouch®, world’s fastest ‘touch-to-open’ smartphone-triggered access control for high-foot-traffic locations that need subway turnstile speed with high security BlueID onTouch® brings ...
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BlueID at Digitale Gebäude 2020 in Berlin

Mobile key specialist BlueID is a third time Platinum Partner at Digitale Gebäude

Munich, November 27 2019 – Holistic thinking is becoming increasingly important in the planning, construction, and operation of buildings and is one of the focus areas of the symposium ...
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More informative, clearer, more modern – BlueID launches its new website

Munich, October 22 2019 – BlueID’s cloud-based access control platform turns smartphones into highly secure digital keys, allowing a fast, simple and convenient entry access as well as authentication ...
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