The smart key
for your office

A smart key that lets you be in control of who enters your office while saving time and costs associated with traditional keys.

With BlueID's smart key for your office,
you have...

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Instantly grant or revoke access rights for new and former employees. Be in control and save lost key and replacement costs.

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Manage keys from anywhere. Get the burden of installation off your checklist - we will have a professional service taking care of this.

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Adapt to your users needs. Offer secure access via smartphone or NFC cards and dongles and let yours users pick what fits them.

We are known for our exceptional security…


…And for our
user convenience

All-in-one solution for all the doors in and around your office

Uhlmann und Zacher Knob Cylinder

This beautifully made round cylinder offers flexibility and the kind
of look that fits smart office like no other lock - inside & outside.

All-in-one solution for all the doors in and around your office

Südmetall Mortise Lock ÜLock-B

This lock is inserted into the side of the door leaf and can be used with the existing cylinder. It is equipped with an anti-panic function.

All-in-one solution for all the doors in and around your office

Uhlmann und Zacher Electronic Door Handle

This elegant handle is unique as the entire electronics, mechanics,
LED signaling and battery are found inside of it. It is extremely flexible to use.

All-in-one solution for all the doors in and around your office

Uhlmann und Zacher Wall Reader

This sleek wall reader is available in a simple white or black design.
It can be installed inside or outside in a flush or surface box.

All-in-one solution for all the doors in and around your office

Uhlmann und Zacher Furniture Lock

This electronic furniture lock is particularly suitable for almost all
deadbolt and push-rod locks, with which valuables can be safely kept.


Find the right

cylinder for your door

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Installation Scenarios

Main Entrance

The existing cylinder lock is easily built into a mortise lock.

This way the other occupants in the building continue using their classic keys as usual, while your employees can experience the convenience and usability of mobile keys. If the building is already equipped with a motor lock at the main entrance, a wall reader can also be installed. We have a solution for your installation scenarios.

Our recommendation: Südmetall Mortise Lock U&Z Wall Reader

Office Entrance

A combination of wall reader and motor lock is the most suitable.

It offers great security against burglary, since no vulnerable mechanics have to be installed on the outside and therefore the office is covered by insurance. You can assign certain access times for your employees, cleaning staff and tradesman and read log data to check who entered your office at what time.

Our recommendation: Südmetall Mortise Lock U&Z Wall Reader
U&Z Knob Cylinder


A great selection of cylinders and door handles are available.

Only selected people may have access to some interior doors such as management and server rooms, while basement compartments lack internet connection. Individual, offline authorizations can be flexibly adjusted, which means that one-time access authorizations can also be assigned without a personal key transfer.

Our recommendation:
U&Z Knob Cylinder
U&Z Electronic Door Handle


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