Smart Locks
for Professionals

Equip your office, building or solution with BlueID's smart locks for professionals and unlock the advantages of mobile access control.

Mobile access with smartphones and cards

Smart, Mobile

Offer your employees a smart, sophisticated solution to enter your office space. BlueID smart locks are flexible and work with smartphones, NFC cards and dongles - let your users choose what fits them.

easy installation of BlueID smart key

Simple Installation & Maintenance

BlueID locks can be easily mounted into your office doors and maintenance is done in-house. For multi-tenant buildings, main entrances and garage gates can be retrofitted within minutes.

Cost effectiveness of BlueID smart key

Key System

Save inconvenient lost key and lock replacement costs with BlueID smart locks. Revoke and grant keys with a click, and keep your office space secure even from a distance.

BlueID smart locks for professional buildings

It is suitable for you if you are an SME who wants mobile access for your office; if you are an asset owner who wants mobile access for your own digital building; if you are a B2B integrator who wants mobile access as part of your PropTech platform; or if you are a lock OEM who wants to increment your hardware offering.

Our locks are “smart” for a reason: besides the broad portfolio of high quality, Made in Germany hardware, we also offer you exactly the mobile access you need – from a simpler “smart lock + mobile app” combination for SMEs, all the way to more sophisticated combinations for asset owners, B2B integratos and OEMs.


We are known for our exceptional security

We offer you and your users the utmost security through our GDPR-compliant, certified solution.

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The Ship integrated BlueID

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BlueID participates at REAL PropTech Pitches 2021, the biggest PropTech Pitching event

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post COVID-19 protocols for offices and smart locks as ally

Post COVID-19 challenges: how to make sure my employees return to the office with confidence

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