BlueID is a self-sufficient security layer for authorization management via smartphone

Secure Identity and Access Management

The software-based BlueID platform makes it possible to receive and execute sensitive authorizations in a secure manner via smartphone apps. BlueID can be quickly and easily integrated as a software package into your apps, back-end systems and control modules.

With BlueID, you can take your authorization management to a new level of guaranteed security on potentially unsafe smartphones. BlueID is invisible to the user and is therefore extremely convenient.

A highly complex asymmetrical certificate process based on a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) creates robust identities and continually protects the trustworthiness of your authorizations. PKI is used where communication and authorization between a continuously rising number of users, devices and things shall be managed in a scalable and secure manner.

The BlueID platform

The BlueID platform consists of software packages for smartphones and control modules as well as the BlueID Trust Center service, which is connected to your backend or IAM system using standard APIs. You can license BlueID for use in your services.

System architecture

The BlueID platform consists of:

-   The software package for the smartphone
-   The software package for the control modules
-   The BlueID Trust Center

The BlueID platform is a holistic, self-sufficient access permission management system based on three layers:

  1. The communication layer
  2. The identity layer
  3. The permission layer

BlueID Trust Center

The BlueID Trust Center is the core of the BlueID platform. It signs permissions with the help of certificates, transmits them to mobile devices and monitors their validity.

You can issue permissions automatically from your backend via the BlueID Operator API at all times, and you are able to distribute or revoke them worldwide.

Plug-ins for BlueID

On top of the BlueID platform, you receive software plug-ins for enhanced security and comfort features from us. Plug-ins include support for:

-   Proximity
-   Geo location
-   Biometric sensors

Guaranteed security

The use of pre-shared key systems on mobile devices is risky. In the event of security breaches it leads to unforseeable costs. Unlimited scalability and compatibility with all mobile devices is most often not granted. The way, in which key diversification is ensured is often intransparent.

Modern service business models result in a growing number of users and a rising interconnectedness of devices. Communication takes place more and more between a rising number of different systems. For efficient permission management in a scenario like that, for easy and fast identity creation and adaption, and for protecting the integrity of each single permission, the concept of identity management must be thought of differently. A Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) based on Asymmetric cryptography offers an enormous potential in a situation like that. Today, PKI is in use mostly in high-security banking and governmental environments. The challenges of PKI lie in:

-   The complexity of the security processes
-   The long encryption key lengths
-   Hence the slow execution speed

Our long standing research and development has leveraged these challenges. We have created a very agile, scalable, fast PKI system based on industry standards. BlueID enables you to profit from the advantages of PKI without the necessity of dealing with the challenges of the technology. BlueID provides you with a PKI-based security layer which you can easily integrate into your existing IAM and back-end systems. Our cryptography and identities also fit the smallest memory space of your control modules. The BlueID Trust Center is operated by experts who keep the software on the newest stage of development. Therefore, BlueID provides security on an exceptional level for your products and services in a fast and scalable manner.

This way, you are able to concentrate fully on your business.

BlueID features

We set a high value on the fact that your access permission management is easy, scalable and optimally secured. Therefore, you receive the BlueID platform from us. BlueID offers:

Support for many
wireless standards

-   Bluetooth Smart, NFC, RFID, WiFi...
-   Mobile Internet (2G/3G/4G)
-   Security is independent of wireless standard

digital identities

-   Secured by certificates
-   Easily scalable
-   With verified security

access permissions

-   Customizable in regards to access time
-   Freely selectable duration
-   According to frequency of occurence, etc.

With BlueID, you get...

...a fully customizable permission management platform. Use the high security level and the innovative user comfort of BlueID just within days. From us, you will get:

The BlueID software development kit

The BlueID platform

For integration of secure identification & authorization via smartphone you get:

  • The BlueID SDK for your smartphone app
  • The BlueID SDK for your control modules
  • Access to the BlueID Trust Center

Competent support

Our team of specialists for trusted computing and smartphone operating systems assists you with the right advice. This way, you will successfully upgrade your product very quickly with the smartphone-based BlueID digital access permission management system.

Extensive documentation

The comprehensive documentation of the BlueID platform enables you to customize the platform ideally according to fit your needs. The documentation is provided to your developers conveniently via our online customer portal.


BlueID is maintained and continuously improved by trusted computing specialists to secure the highest level of security and the best comfort at all times. BlueID - a platform that makes security scalable.

Secure through PKI

The Public Key Infrastructure of BlueID provides protection through:

  • Encryption with up to 4.096 Bit
  • Use of the industry standards RSA and AES
  • Root CA (Certification Authority) in the Trust Center


Through encryption with certificates, the integrity of each permission is traceable and autonomously verifiable at all times. BlueID uses:

  • The Secure Hash Algorythm (SHA)
  • Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC)

Always up-to-date

With BlueID, you continuously receive the newest updates for all supported smartphone platforms as well as upgrades to support future wireless standards. Therefore, BlueID is always available to you in the newest version and you profit from the convenience of digital permission management.

Why BlueID?

BlueID guarantees the security of your authorizations. It is faster and more cost efficient to use BlueID rather than developing your own, proprietary system.

High speed

Permission verification and execution takes places within a split-second with BlueID. The user of your product can concentrate on the head and front - the permission management is performed invisibly in the background.

Online & Offline

BlueID is the only permission management platform which supports a range of wireless standards like Bluetooth Smart, NFC, WiFi and 2G/3G/4G on the one hand. On the other hand, BlueID also offers full functionality in an offline environment (patented).

Highest security

BlueID guarantees the integrity of permissions independently of the security status of the smartphone. This is of utmost importance as the general security state of the smartphone is beyond your control (viruses, rooting, etc.).

Easy adaption

The BlueID platform is suitable for a wide range of different control modules and also supports modules with very limited hardware ressources. Even in a setting with very limited ressources the security of BlueID matches the highest requirements.

Universal use

BlueID is able to match a very wide range of use scenarios. It is used, for example, in sectors such as facility management for facility access, for booking/opening/starting rental cars, in lockers, in underground car parks for opening traffic barriers and in many other fields of application.

Customer voices

BlueID Drive is the next substantial step in the inter­connected­ness of vehicle information systems.

Dr. Harald Marquardt

Dr. Harald Marquardt
Marquardt GmbH

Established security standards, for example multi-factor authentication, can be integrated seamlessly with BlueID.

Dr. Harald Marquardt

Joachim Astel
noris network AG

BlueID enables us to give our employees access to precisely those server rooms and racks for which they are authorized.

Dr. Harald Marquardt

Dr. Hubert Jäger
Uniscon GmbH

Our customers

Many large companies in a multitude of industry sectors use the BlueID technology: Carmakers, automotive suppliers, mobile parking solution providers, home automation companies...

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