BlueID is a Mobile Access Control Platform and associated Key System that enables a user’s smartphone to securely connect and interact with objects all over the world.

The ongoing digitalization of processes in various industry verticals generates a need for a fast and secure connection between smart devices and objects in the world of IoT. BlueID fills this gap. It delivers trust & confidence between any object and any mobile smart device. It is always there. It is robust. And it never lets you down.



  • Nick Richter, Product Owner at Volkswagen AG
    „BlueID helped us to achieve a smooth and rapid deployment of the digital key feature for We Deliver”
    Nick Richter, Product Owner at Volkswagen AG
  • dr harald marquardt BlueID
    "BlueID Drive is the next substantial step in the interconnectedness of vehicle information systems."
    Dr. Harald Marquardt, Marquardt GmbH
  • Guido Voigt, CTO at FALCOM GmbH
    "Integration of BlueID into FALCOM Telematic solutions was easy with the outstanding technical support and great cooperation with BlueID GmbH."
    Guido Voigt, CTO at FALCOM GmbH
  • BlueID Partner
    "BlueID develops Software faster than others return phone calls"
    BlueID Partner
  • Eckardt Schäfer, ISEO Germany
    “BlueID Access has very quickly enabled us to combine our ISEO Smart locks with an excellent access control app that offers many convenient features and high security.”
    Eckardt Schäfer, ISEO Germany
  • joachim astel BlueID
    "Established security standards, for example multi-factor authentication, can be integrated seamlessly with BlueID."
    Mr. Joachim Astel, noris network AG
  • dr. hubert jäger BlueID
    "BlueID enables us to give our employees access to precisely those server rooms and racks for which they are authorized."
    Dr. Hubert Jäger, Uniscon GmbH
  • Alexander C. Melle, CEO at SAMFEX
    "SAMFEX positions itself as a technology leader in BOH (Back of House) application. We see a great potential in BlueID and decided to add it to our application to increase the BOH access security as well as efficiency for large sites."
    Alexander C. Melle, CEO at SAMFEX



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    "The access control market is expected to be worth USD 10.03 Billion by 2023, growing at a CAGR of 6.48% between 2017 and 2023."
  • Gartner
    "By 2020, there will be 21 bn IoT devices worldwide"


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