BlueID Operator

A BlueID Operator manages a set of Mobile Devices, Secured Objects and BlueID Tokens. For instance, he can create BlueID Tokens for a Mobile Device in order to grant the Mobile Device access to a Secured Object. The Mobile Device and the Secured Object must belong to the same BlueID Operator.

BlueID Token

BlueID Tokens are the digital keys used to execute a command (e.g. “tokn”) at an object such as a door or a car. These tokens are digitally signed by the BlueID Trust Center.

BlueID TokenCard

The BlueID TokenCard shall be deemed as BlueID Mobile Device. Each BlueID Mobile Device as well as each BlueID TokenCard is assigned to the BlueID Operator Account of the BlueID Trusted Service. The BlueID Trusted Service can issue BlueID Tokens for a BlueID Mobile Device.

BlueID Trust Center

The BlueID Trust Center (functioning as a central database) generates digital access authorizations, the so-called BlueID Tokens. Generating a token can be compared to cutting a conventional key. In other words, the Trust Center generates digital keys for the user.

BlueID Trusted Service

With the term BlueID Trusted Service all micro services are summarized that run as a BlueID Trust Center.


Lock Server

A Lock Server is the software part that runs on the control unit of a Secured Object.


Mobile Device

The Mobile Device, i.e. a smartphone, BlueID TokenCard or tablet PC, uses a customer-specific smartphone app which receives the electronic access authorization data (BlueID Tokens), thus enabling access to the associated Secured Objects. The BlueID Operator can integrate the precise access functionality required in every app. The Mobile Device therefore corresponds to a digital keychain which can be used to hold many different types of keys with different functions. These digital keys are then used to access Secured Objects.



see BlueID Operator


Secured Object

The Secured Object contains a customer-specific control unit which interprets the control commands sent by a smartphone and triggers the corresponding functions. The control unit therefore corresponds to the lock for a digital key and enables access to the Secured Object, e.g. a vehicle or a barrier.

Service Provider Interface

from Wikipedia: Service Provider Interface (SPI) is an API intended to be implemented or extended by a third party. It can be used to enable framework extensions and replaceable components.


Trust Center

see BlueID TrustCenter


see BlueID Token

Token Card

see BlueID TokenCard