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Open and start cars via smartphone app - thanks to BlueID Drive. The digital car key on the smartphone is used by the automotive industry and automotive suppliers in

  • Car sharing
  • Rental cars
  • Fleet management

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Mobile Parking

Open parking barriers and roller doors via smartphone app. BlueID facilitates car park management, mobile parking and garage access control. Your parking solution will benefit in

  • On-street parking
  • Off-street parking
  • Underground car park access

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Facility access

With BlueID, your customers can easily enter doors, gates and turnstiles at the push of a button in your smartphone app. Your app profits of BlueID funtionality in

  • Hotel access
  • Facility management
  • Home and house automation

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Do you need flexible key management for your service?

Integrate the BlueID SDK in your app

1. Your app with BlueID

Integrate the benefits of the digital key in your individual app. Our BlueID technology is available for any smartphone app based on

  • Google Android
  • Apple iOS
  • BlackBerry

BlueID key distribution to issue and manage authorizations

2. Your BlueID booking system

Connect your own backend or cloud service to BlueID for key distribution and secure authorizations management using

  • BlueID Trust Center
  • BlueID Ticket Manager
  • BlueID Operator API
A vehicle: your BlueID secured object.

3. Your BlueID secured object

Integrate BlueID in your product or service using Java / OSGi or C

  • In any existing M2M module
  • In your existing OBU / telematics box
  • Use our Raspberry PI reference board
  • Build your own hardware based on Arduino



BlueID Drive is the next substantial step in the inter­connected­ness of vehicle information systems.
Dr. Harald Marquardt
Dr. Harald Marquardt
Marquardt GmbH
Established security standards, for example multi-factor authentication, can be integrated seamlessly with BlueID.
Joachim Astel
Joachim Astel
noris network AG
BlueID enables us to give our employees access to precisely those server rooms and racks for which they are authorized.
Dr. Hubert Jäger
Dr. Hubert Jäger
Uniscon GmbH


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